Revision Petitions System


Under Section 30 of the Mines and Minerals [Development & Regulation] Act, 1957 (MMDR Act, 1957), the Ministry of Mines exercises its revisionary powers in dealing with the revision applications filed by the applicants who are aggrieved by any order passed by the State Government or any other authority in exercise of the powers conferred by the MMDR Act.  The Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 (MCR 1960) prescribes the detailed procedure for filing and disposal of revision applications under Rule 54 and 55.  

In view of the high pendency, directions of the High Courts in several cases for expeditious disposal, and complaints of delays, new guidelines vide letter/order dated 16.12.2009 have been issued so that the provisions of Section 30 of the MMDR Act, 1957 and Rule 54 and 55 of Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 are enforced with reference to procedure and time limits and to obviate scope for delay.

New software for effective monitoring of the Revision Applications, received in the Ministry of Mines, has been implemented.  The system keeps track of the various stages of the Revision Applications filed by the applicants till the final disposal of the applications. The system is web enabled and is available on the website of the Ministry.  It provides online status of the applications with different search option.
A total of 192 revision applications were disposed off during the year 2009 and 706 in 2010.